Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Are You Dreading Valentine's Day?

February 14th can suck for single folks. The roads aren't safe with all those happy couples driving around. Restaurants are full. Your Facebook newsfeed is blocked up by annoying friends bragging about the flowers they got at work.

So, what's a single person to do? Hole up in the apartment and drink a blender of margaritas while soul searching about why you feel so unloved? Eat an entire heart-shaped box of chocolates before stomping on the heart? Maybe you'll spend the evening joining internet dating sites. If yes to the last idea, check out this article out first. It might save you the cost and time associated with the eHarmony site. For the uninitiated, eHarmony doesn't let you search for Mr. or Ms. Right. Instead, you must answer 200 questions, which their algorithm uses to find you a match. I filled out their questionnaire, back in the day, and 1. it took forever, and 2. it matched me with nothing but conservatives and I am nothing but liberal. So I was interested to see that scientists are actually challenging eHarmony's claims that their methods produce results.

One more bit of advice: if you must drink on Valentine's Day, do it with friends.  In fact, why  not plan a group Valentine's celebration this year?  Most couples don't have fun on this holiday either (too much pressure) so give everyone a break and have a party!


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