The Truth About Happily Ever After


Have your children reduced you to an exhausted shell of your former self?  Is brain melt making you speak in baby talk, even to adults?  Do you think about poop more than you should?  Give yourself, or a parent you love, the gift of laughter.  Give The Truth About Happily Ever After.


“I couldn’t stop laughing.”

“A grippingly honest look at the ups and downs of parenting.”

“Reading this novel felt like catching up with old friends from The Truth About Dating.”

Remember Quinn Malone?
When we last met, she was poised to begin the next chapter of her life as an adventurous, inspiring single woman.  Then along comes a man who’s smart, handsome, funny, and (wait for it) liberal.  Quinn is ready for romance.  But is she ready for what happens when the fairytale ends and real life begins? 

Warning to readers of The Truth About Dating: Quinn trades in blind dates with narcissists, gay men, and social misfits for poopy diapers and baby talk.  Love means never feigning sleep when you hear a baby crying in the middle of the night.

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