Saturday, April 2, 2011

Coffee Break: Julie Christensen

Coffee Break: Julie Christensen Check out this interview I did on a great blog - Hylander Diner. A nice place to go for 99 cent books, as well as conversations about reading and writing.


  1. Fun interview. Good to find these Kindle-reviewing sites. They're going to be increasingly important as more and more writers self-pub.

    Now I'm hungry for rhubarb pie...

  2. Hi Julie
    Just read Meredith Love. I'm responding to that comment you made in the interview, 'tell me about yourself and why you decided to read my book.' I think I was trawling through some suggested titles on Amazon, based on other books I'd read. At my daughter's suggestion, I'd recently read a couple of page-turner 'chick lit' books by Sarah Manning. Think that's how your novel was suggested.

    Really enjoyed Meredith Love. It kept me sane during my recent 'stranding in Saigon' - just home two days ago.

    Nice to be directed to your blog at the end of the book.

    And by the way, I love my Kindle. I'm an English teacher and voracious reader. I initially couldn't beat the idea of a world without print books, but I've changed my mind. I actually prefer to read the Kindle now, especially when I've been trying to manage some unwieldy, heavy hard cover when I'm reading in bed.

    Travelling this time with the Kindle, instead of a case full of books, has been so much easier. Love being able to download a new book just about anywhere too.

    Thanks for the good read.

    Cheers from Melbourne, Australia.

  3. Fraudster, Thanks so much for the comments. I love hearing how people find me and I'm happy you liked Meredith Love. I can definately see the appeal of a Kindle when traveling. I still like regular books, but I read The New York Times every morning on my Kindle, and of course, I read all the Indie Authors on the Kindle, too. I appreciate you taking the time to let me know you read my book. Happy reading and continued happy travels.