Saturday, July 8, 2017

Pitch Wars 2017

Pitch Wars is back! How did the year pass so quickly?  

I wasn't expecting to submit again this year, but then something happened in January that inspired me to start a new YA Contemporary novel. I've been writing steadily, I've got some terrific critique partners, editing for the past two months, and I'm ready to try again. Not that I'm counting, but I think this might be my fourth attempt at Pitch Wars. During this time, I've met a great community of writers and I've written five books! So, yea!

Here's what my story is about: 
In THE STRAW MAN FALLACY, seventeen-year old Asher, son of an alt-right terrorist, must choose family loyalty or face a betrayal that goes deeper than blood.  

The day his front door was broken down by Federal Agents was the worst day of Asher’s life. “Don’t let them brainwash you,” were his father’s last words as he was taken away in handcuffs. Asher vows to maintain his father’s white nationalist organization, but that’s hard to do when his new guardian, an aunt he’s never met, throws him into a school that exposes him to true diversity for the first time. Asher’s racist, sexist upbringing is immediately challenged when his internal view of his intellectual prowess is crushed by Angelica, an African-American girl who bests him in every class.

Despite his promise to his father to continue his fight, Asher keeps quiet about his background in his new school. As he develops friendships with students of various backgrounds, his confidence in his parents’ truth falters. During heated debates with his white cousin and his African-American principal, Asher struggles to defend his belief system to the people his dad called ‘snowflakes.” As Asher comes to realize his father’s motives didn’t have his children's best interests at heart, Asher becomes desperate for a chance at a different life. To do this, he must stand up to his father, and his father’s paranoid followers, or go off the grid and lose everything he’s just learned to cherish. 

Here's a little about me. Introvert, politics junkie, mom, reader, oil painter, walker, occasional runner, podcast listener, audiologist, lover of old homes who lives in a ranch because she wanted a bigger kitchen.

Holder of dead-end jobs in her twenties. (The nice thing about dead end jobs is that there's no money in them, so it's okay to quit to travel the world with your savings.)

Audiologist in her thirties. (I love having a job that directly helps people. Every day I made someone's life better in some way because of my skill set. What a high).

Indie author in her forties. (I couldn't find an agent for my first two novels. I self-published my second novel on Amazon and it sold 25,000 copies in ten months. Two other novels, mysteries, each sold 20,000 copies in their first year.)

Now, I'd like to be published traditionally. I've been writing and querying four different books for the past four or five years, but so far I haven't been picked up. I'm hopeful my latest will be my breakthrough novel.

If you pick me...
I'm a very hard-worker. I will always give you 100%.  I'm also a fast writer, and I have amazing people in my life who will help me juggle everything around so I can devote myself to Pitch War revisions. I'm dedicated to my writing and, thanks to four years of art school, I can handle criticism. In fact, when a critique resonates with me, there is nothing I love more than digging back into my manuscript and making big changes.

And here is a link to our #pimpmybio host, Lana Pattinson, and other Pitch War hopefuls. Check them out!