Monday, March 4, 2013

How To ePublish Your Book

In 2007, Amazon did something that was arguably more innovative than putting books in electronic form.  They made it possible for writers to sell their unpublished books in Amazon’s bookstore.  By 2010 630,000 ebooks were for sale on Amazon, and that number doesn’t include public domain works, like Jane Eyre or Beowulf. 
For writers like me, who’d been rejected by literary agents, a new door to book publishing had opened.  I knew I wasn’t the only writer in my town with a great book that no literary agent wanted to publish, so I began teaching an epublishing class at my local community college. 
I've added a permanent tab about ePublishing to my blog.   You can see it on the upper left hand side of the page: How To ePublish Your Book.  I think of my class as a community service.  Eighty-one percent of Americans want to write a book.   If you have a great story, a good sense of design, excellent editing skills, and a computer, you can epublish your book without spending a cent, and there's an audience waiting.  After years of rejections by the traditional publishing world, I let the readers decide.  Last year, they bought 25,000 copies of my books. 

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