Monday, January 14, 2013

Is a cleaning schedule worth it?

A quick update in my quest for a spotless house on twenty minutes a day of cleaning: 

I've been keeping up with the tasks outlined in my last blog, more or less.  Ones I miss have been pushed to the next week, and gotten to eventually.  I'm pretty much on top of things, so...whoot!  Here are the downsides: 1. Each day I think of another task to add to my list (clean the spice cabinet, wash down appliances, sweep basement stairs).  2. I've found myself kind of...cheating.  (Crossing off a task even though I've only completed part of it.  Boy, there's nothing like a cleaning list to reveal your character flaws!)  3.  I've cleaned more this month than in the past six...and I'm pretty sure my average visitor would not think my home looked any neater than it did in July.

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